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May 2014 Franchise Spotlight: Montez

The Image One franchising model was formed on the principles of transparency, training, and top-notch financial and customer service support. Our franchisees work for themselves, but never by themselves. We provide them with customers for their business, ongoing training and support, along with assistance with billing, equipment and insurance coverage culminating into one of the best franchises to own and profit from long term. Image One Facility Solutions wants to help you own a franchise in the commercial cleaning space.

Juan and Iralia Montez will back our claim.

Hailing from Mexico City, this hard-working couple had a simple dream: to lead a self-sufficient existence that revolves around their family. They have a big account – consisting of eighteen buildings – and used to mop each of them by hand, which was obviously very hard. Between the stress of manually servicing their account and Juan’s demanding job as a welder, the Montezes barely had any time for themselves or their kids.

When Image One realized that they didn’t have the financial resources to buy cleaning equipment, we stepped in and offered to provide it for them. This immensely increased the efficiency of Iralia and her employees because they could now get more done in less time. Consequently, she dedicates her mornings to taking care of her family, while only working nights inside her franchise cleaning service business.

In fact, their account is running so smoothly that Iralia can stop working any time. But she chooses to continue working. When you are having fun and offering quality customer service, why would anyone want to quit?

Today, she has the time AND money to go back to college and hone her accountancy skills! Indeed, the Montezes are now able to beautifully balance their personal and professional lives, while also finding the energy to develop as individuals.

To quote Iralia, “The decision to buy the Image One franchise would absolutely change our lives.”

We thank the Montezes for partnering with us for three years, and hope we can enjoy many more years together!

With Image One, you don’t just get a franchisor. You get an entire family who is invested in your sustained success as a proud business owner! If you are ready to reap the rewards of business ownership, please fill out our form.

Image One Franchise wants to help interested parties own a franchise in the commercial cleaning niche. Please contact us today to learn about the opportunity!

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