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Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

Can I operate my franchise business part time?

Yes, some people choose to operate an Image One Franchise part time, others choose to operate it full time.

Do I have to quit my full time job?

No, most people start their franchise part time and gradually transition to full time if that is the direction that they would like to go. Other people continue to operate their franchise part time for years, with no plan to quit their full time job.

Can I run my franchise from my home?

Yes, there is no need to rent an office. Most of the Image One Franchisees operate from a home office.

Is Financing Available?

Yes, Image One will finance a portion of your affordable franchise business. There is a down payment required for whatever program you purchase.

What is the investment to begin a franchise?

The investment to purchase a franchise varies depending on the program that you would like to purchase. The minimum down payment to begin is $15,000.00.

What are the different programs that are available?

There are variety of programs available depending on how big of a business you would like to operate. Some people simply want to supplement their “daytime” income, while others are looking to replace it. Still others are looking to operate a business that services several clients with several employees.

How do I get more information?

There is some information available on this website, but ultimately, you will want to come into the Image One Regional Office to get a “Franchise Disclosure Document” (FDD).

Does Image One provide employees?

Image One will guide you on hiring and training employees, but ultimately you are responsible for your own employees.

Is training provided before I begin my franchise?

Yes, Image One provides complete training through The Franchise Success Strategy®. Training covers everything from setting goals to customer service to actual cleaning procedures.

What is included in the purchase of my franchise?

Image One provides your training, equipment and supplies to get started, as well as marketing materials to ensure your cleaning franchise is affordable and profitable.

Does Image One require insurance?

Image One requires all business franchisees to have several types of insurance. Image One has a plan for your business to be covered for liability and workers compensation insurance. You are required to provide your own auto insurance.

Available Franchise Locations

We have many franchise locations available throughout the United States. Learn more about the advantages of opening a commercial cleaning business by filling out our form!

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We make this easy! Image One has a Sales Department that is constantly seeking new business for YOU! The lifeblood of any business is finding new customers and we can help you! Not only do we provide some of your leads but we also teach you to sell and market your business just like we do.

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