Restaurant Cleaning Tips for the Summer Season

Summertime in the restaurant business is unlike any other. Kitchens are hotter than ever, and your staff are often busier than normal—both inside and outside of work. Use the following tips to keep your restaurant both clean and safe this summer season.

Train Entire Staff to Prioritize Food Safety

Train both the front and back of the house in proper food safety, hygiene, and restaurant cleanliness. It’s as important for the dishwashers to know as it is for the chefs and the servers. Set the standards high for all employees, and be sure to follow up with them periodically.

Be sure everyone on staff knows the main causes of food-borne illnesses in restaurants, so they can avoid them:

-Improper hand washing

-Poor storage of food items

-Contamination of insects and rodents

-Improperly cleaned equipment and utensils

-Cross contamination

Don’t Forget to Clean Behind the Hotline

Keeping your tables, walls, floors, and restrooms clean and presentable is common sense in the restaurant industry. You want your customers to have a good experience, so you pay close attention to the areas of your restaurant that they’ll see firsthand. However, it’s important not to neglect the areas they won’t see, such as behind the hotline. It’s crucial to remove grease build up and grime—for sanitary and safety reasons both.   


Create Cleaning Checklists for Front and Back of the House

Create detailed lists that clearly outline daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning expectations for both the front and back of your restaurant. Ensure your employees initial the sheet each time they complete a required cleaning task. This way, they’re held accountable and there’s a record of its completion.

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