How to Have a Clean, Organized Office Purge

Having to move from one office to another can be quite a hassle, especially if you are in a leadership position. You must account for a great number of important files and documents, equipment, employees, and much more. However, with proper communication and teamwork, you can purge the office of both your old files and the dirt and dust that have gathered there for years. Follow these steps to cleanse your office and set it up for the moving day.  


Proper Employee Organization

If you want your office purge to go down smoothly, you will have to organize your employees. Once you have a master plan and a thorough timeline established, gather your team for a meeting and go over the plan. Assign the roles each member will fulfill, the time frame, and the general plan. Take into consideration any feedback they offer. This usually occurs weeks or even months before the move.

Set Up the Move

As the move date nears, make sure you have hired a professional moving company and have the equipment ready. Secure any cleaning supplies your team could need. Decide what furniture and supplies you should keep and which ones you can donate or throw away. Have your employees slowly pack up for the move and clean small areas to make the transition easier.

The Deep Cleanse

Now that you are a day or two before the move date, have the employees do a deep cleanse of the work space. Remove all the clutter from each cubicle and throw away unneeded items. Take the proper procedures to remove and preserve important files and information you cannot just throw away. Sweep, mop, and vacuum as needed. Be adamant that you and your team clear every corner, since even a properly maintained office can hide filth in surprising places. This is also a great opportunity to get rid of furniture and cabinets you are not bringing. 

If you need additional assistance or want to leave a thorough finishing touch, hire a professional cleaning company.

Ready for the Move

Your workplace and your team are now ready for the moving process!