5 Steps to Keep Your Restaurant Tables Clean

Cleaning restaurant tables is a more nuanced practice than it seems. A wet rag is not enough anymore. Restaurant tables come in a wide variety of materials, and you need to use the right cleaning materials and techniques to keep your restaurant’s tables well-maintained and germ-free. Follow these steps in order to maintain your tables, one of the most vital parts of your eating establishment.


1. Consider the Material

Before you officially start your process, check the material of your table. While you can cleanse most tables with soap and water, some materials have specific care requirements. Wood requires less concentrated soap and chemicals than others. Laminate table tops need baking soda and a mild cleaner to remove stains. Resin tables scratch easily and need a toothbrush and toothpaste to fix. Stainless steel tables need to dry quickly to avoid damaging the silicone seal.

2. Clean the Surface

If there are any tablecloths, plates, menus, and utensils, clear them from the surface. Once you remove them, use soap and a new, disposable paper towel to wipe the surface clean from leftover food, condiment stains, and other materials.

3. Sanitize the Surface

After the initial wipe, rinse with water. Follow that up by sanitizing the surface with a diluted bleach solution and a cloth. This is a crucial step, as restaurant tables are potential bacterial hotbeds, and this process is the key to preventing bacteria from spreading. You must sanitize often, such as before and after lunch, after a messy dinner, and before going home.

4. Clean Underneath

Kneel and clear the ground from thrown dishes, leftover food, silverware, napkins, and anything else you find. Use a broom, mop, or even a small vacuum if needed.

5. Set the Table

Now that the table is entirely clean, you can set it up for the next customer. Place new tablecloths, plates, and utensils, if your restaurant requires it. Also, either place a new menu or wipe clean the one that was on the table before.