School's Almost Out! School Facility Cleaning Guide for Summer

When students leave school for the summer, it presents a great opportunity for a facility-wide deep clean. Although most schools will continue to host students for summer classes or teachers for meetings, there will be much more empty space for a cleaning crew. Getting the facility ready for a fresh new year takes identifying the trouble spots and knowing how to eliminate them.


Plan Your Deep Clean

Most schools close their doors for summer in late May or early June. Start planning now for when to bring in the cleaning crew. Map out your summer events or schedule for the school so you know when professional cleaners can come through.

Clean Common Areas

Once the professionals arrive, the focus should first go to high-traffic areas. These will have the most dirt, grime, and germs. Your school’s floors, gym, cafeterias, assembly rooms, library, lockers, and other shared places need the most attention. Then, the cleaners can move on to other hot spots for germs.

Focus on Bathrooms

Deep cleaning student restrooms should be a priority over the summer. Although they receive daily cleaning, a deep clean can eliminate grime and germs from crevices. A thorough cleaning and disinfecting, along with floor deep cleaning, can keep bathrooms sparkling for months into the school year.


Disinfect Classrooms

A cleaning crew should go into each individual classroom to clean the floors, shampoo carpets, scrub the walls, wipe down desks and chairs, and disinfect classroom items. Deep cleaning each classroom can prevent the spread of germs and get the rooms in shape for a clean slate next year.

Hire the Right Professional Cleaning Crew

The most important step to take during a school facility deep cleaning this summer is to hire a top cleaning crew. Your custodians may not have the professional-grade tools or resources to do the job efficiently. Hiring cleaners can help you create a comfortable, healthy environment to welcome students back in the fall. Image One has solutions tailored specifically for school facilities.