Keep Your Office Clean with This Spring Checklist

Spring is quickly approaching, and now is the perfect time to keep your office clean with a good spring cleaning. How do you know what to clean during this time? Every workplace is unique, so you may have some special challenges depending on where and how you work. However, there is always the potential for a fresh start to warmer weather in any office environment.


Cleaning Workstations

Your workstations command the bulk of employees’ attention, and therefore they tend to accumulate the most dust, debris, and junk over time. Have everyone clean their workstations, dust out their computer equipment, and sort through their cabinets and drawers to clear away accumulated refuse or simply for better housekeeping. Using pressurized air canisters is a great method for clearing dust bunnies out of computer towers and keyboards, just be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Ensure Kitchen Area Cleanliness

If your work space has a cafeteria, lunchroom, or kitchen area, make sure you take time each spring to clean and disinfect everything. Your employees may have spent more time eating in these facilities during the cold weather when going out to eat isn’t as inviting. Clean out the break room refrigerator, dust out the cabinets, and look for any restocking issues with your break room or lunchroom supplies.

Cleaning Customer-Facing Areas

Your customers and clients will make unconscious judgments about your business based on the perceived cleanliness and overall order of the workplace. Make sure all your customer-facing areas are in top shape this spring. The warmer months may also invite a change of furniture or overall décor, or maybe you could rearrange fixtures, furniture, and decorations to make your business more inviting.

The goal of any office spring cleaning checklist should be to ensure your employees can do their best work at all times. A cleaner work environment not only increases overall employee satisfaction and productivity, but also has a direct effect on your bottom line.