3 Tips for Spring Classroom Organization and Cleaning

Springtime is the perfect opportunity for teachers and schools to do a fresh cleaning of their classrooms. However, it can be difficult to know where to begin when cleaning the classroom. Children can make a mess, but they also love structure and completing goals. Making cleaning a part of your springtime routine can not only enable better learning for your students, but also provide them with a sense of accomplishment when you help them figure out new ways to organize and clean their work-spaces.

Make Your Students Part of the Process

Ask your students what they like and don’t like about your classroom. Their suggestions may surprise you! Consider what would make learning easier for them. If your classroom functions around group settings, ask if your students would prefer individual desks instead. See if a new desk arrangement would create a more welcoming and comfortable place to learn. Once you decide on a new configuration, you can set to work cleaning and organizing.


Cleaning Your Classroom

Follow your school’s cleaning instructions carefully, but do not worry about going above and beyond the minimum to make your students more comfortable. Each classroom is different, and a classroom that only seats one class per day will have different issues than a classroom with different students for each period of the school day. Before spring classes begin, make sure the room has been disinfected, cleared of any accumulated junk and debris, and the windows cleaned to enjoy the spring sunshine to the fullest.

Organizing for the End of the Year

Spring signals the school year is coming to a close, and your students will likely find school more engaging and comfortable in a clean and organized space. Think of ways to rearrange the supplies in your room and take your students’ needs into consideration. Every classroom is different, so think of creative ways to take advantage of the space you have so your students can end the school year in a comfortable and healthy environment.