Why Libraries Need to Clean their Carpeting on a Weekly Basis

Cleaning library floorsCarpets in a library see a lot of traffic. Some rows of books are more popular than others, and it’ll show in the wear, tear, and dirtiness of the carpeting. It is important to take good care of the floors you and your patrons walk on. Without proper care and maintenance, it can turn into something unpleasant. People may have different opinions on frequency and budget for cleanings, but any investment in your carpet can go a long way.

They Were Just Cleaned Last Year

Commercial carpets need cleaning more frequently than residential carpets. The amount of foot traffic is different, and can wear down faster without regular cleanings during the year. From wet, muddy seasons to the summer sun, carpets see a lot of action during their lifetime.

It Looks Fine

While a carpet may look fine on the outside, it’s the dirt on the inside that builds up and causes smells, muddy footprints and ugly aesthetics. Once you see the dirt on the carpet, it’s past the time you should have had it cleaned. Dirt trapped in the fibers of the carpet can make carpets heavy and can cause discoloration. Get them cleaned professionally before it is too late.

Not in the Budget

While carpet cleaning may seem like an added expense, it will actually end up saving you money. The cost of replacing carpet is very expensive, and taking good care of the carpets already installed in your building can prolong their life, stretching the budget. Public service buildings like libraries know stretching every dollar counts. You don’t need to clean the carpets every week, but the professionals can help you design a cleaning schedule to meet your needs – and your budget.

Replacing It Soon

Even if you plan to replace your carpet in the next few years, it is important from a business standpoint to put your best foot forward. Dirty carpets smell, track mud and dirt everywhere and can cause a decrease in productivity. By paying to have them cleaned by the experts, you will keep patrons coming in the door instead of waiting for things to get better.

Replacing your carpet is rough, especially in a building with tons of shelves and books like a library. Instead of replacing, try steam cleaning and deep cleaning. If you don’t own the tools or just need some help, call us today to set up a discussion. Let us help you keep your library running, without all the dirt.