3 Things That Lower Productivity at a School or Library

Lower Productivity at a School or Library Schools and libraries have a duty to provide students and patrons with appropriate areas to study and complete assignments. A huge factor in the quality of the space is cleanliness. A dirty space decreases productivity, distracting those trying to complete their work. Here’s a look at some key factors to consider when providing a place for people to study and learn.

Poor Air Quality

Poor air quality can cause adverse conditions for productivity. Dust, mold, and other allergens can cause anything from headaches to asthma attacks. It’s hard to work when your body is occupied with a stuffy nose, wheezing and other defense mechanisms. By cleaning the air filters and vents, you can increase productivity and protect students and patrons from health issues.


Poor lighting in a study area decreases focus. It is hard to read materials when light fixtures are dirty and flickering, making it nearly impossible to concentrate. When lights are too dim, eye strain makes it hard to keep going. When fluorescent lights are too harsh, it causes headaches. Good lighting keeps students on task and increases alertness. Keeping fixtures clean helps to regulate the amount of light, increasing productivity.

Environmental Distractions

Environmental distractions such as bugs, roaches and rodents increase in a dirty environment. It is hard to concentrate with critters scurrying around the room and flying around your head. Keeping the space clean and free of food crumbs, stagnant water and mouse droppings is important not only for concentration, but also health. Bugs and rodents leave behind debris that can cause allergy and asthma attacks, plus they are carriers of disease. Keep visitors safe by hiring a cleaning company to get the job done right.

By keeping things clean, students and visitors will view your establishment as a productive spot to get things done. Reduce health risks and distractions by hiring a professional cleaning company. Our experts are standing by to help you get started on a cleaning schedule, keeping the standards of cleanliness high.