How to Clean Your Office When the Construction Dust Settles

How to clean construction dust in officeWhether you’re creating the facility of your dreams or just adding room for growth, construction dust in the office makes a mess. Before employees can begin to be productive, someone must deal with the mess. Use this construction dust cleaning checklist to get your new space ready to open for business.

Gather Materials

Cleanup goes faster when you have everything you need on hand. Gather replacement air filters for your HVAC system, face masks, a vacuum, plenty of clean, soft towels, a broom and mop, and all the patience you can muster. Put on gloves and a face mask before you start cleaning up construction dust.

Remove Leftover Debris

Your contractor probably only disposed of large debris and left small pieces of sheet rock, clipped off bits of wiring or tiny shards of tile. Place everything in contractor bags so the area is cleared for work.

Vacuum Everything

Removing dust will be your biggest challenge, and it helps to trap it in your vacuum’s filter. Here's how to clean construction dust: start as high as you can reach and begin working your way down. Construction dust settles on every surface, so it may take a while, but dust removal is the key to getting things clean.

Work your way over light fixtures, walls, shelves and upholstery. Don’t forget the tops of baseboards and in corners. These areas in the office are where construction dust can thrive.

Clean Heating and Cooling Systems

Wipe all vents and air returns and replace the filter in your HVAC system before switching it back on. Clean ceiling fan blades before you use them to circulate air.

Wipe Surfaces

Clean doorknobs, window sills, wood trim and hardware. Sanitize the bathroom and thoroughly clean the kitchen. Sweep, mop, and disinfect hard floors.

Cleanup after a renovation is a big job, and many businesses prefer to call a professional. Image One USA provides post-construction cleanup without the headache, allowing business owners to quickly start enjoying their new spaces. Contact us to find out more about our construction dust cleaning services.