Do You Trust Your Janitorial Company to Make the Right Decision?

Trusting your cleaning companyTrust in a janitorial company may seem easy because of their straightforward job, but there are cases when trust is more important than you might think!

Sometimes employees of our clients make mistakes and troublesome may situations occur. For instance, one of our franchisees was working at a bank years ago and walked in to find over $100,000 in cash left on the counter when the employees went home for the night. While this isn’t a regular occurrence, it’s a good idea to make sure you trust the people who have keys to your building.

When you think about the people who have access to your business, it can be a little frightening. There are customers and employees who come and go, as well as people that fix technical or maintenance issues and companies that keep your building clean. Thankfully, we make sure our team members at Image One are well-trained and trustworthy. We have a strong support team with trusting relationships cultivated over the years.

Another example that shows the importance of trust in your cleaning company is the recent story of a janitor at Incheon International Airport. He discovered over $300,000 worth of gold bars in the trash.  Of course he did the right thing and turned them in. This is another rare situation, but it proves you never know what could happen. Trusting in reputable companies means when similar circumstances occur, you won’t have to worry about your business.

To identify a trustworthy janitorial service, you should verify if they are part of a trade association, the Better Business Bureau, and if they have insurance and a license when required. Check references, companies with more experience and previous clients who had positive experiences are usually trustworthy. At Image One, we have over 30 years of experience and our team is fully bonded and insured. We value our customers and remain committed to excellence. We also make sure to communicate with our customers and receive feedback so we can provide the best service possible.

The next time you think your cleaning staff are easy to trust, remember these situations and think to yourself, would you trust your janitorial company to make the right decision?