Air Quality Matters: 3 Reasons to Care About Your Office’s Air

Office air qualityWhen employees spend up to eight hours a day in an office, it’s important to keep the air clean. Within a medium-sized to large company, there may be hundreds of employees, and some may be healthy while others may have caught a cold but still come into work. Combined with stagnant air that may have mold, bacteria, dust, and airborne bacteria, these conditions can lead to employees feeling sick when they’re at work.

Sicknesses at Work

Not only do some employees catch illnesses at work, they might come down with Sick Office Syndrome. This is when employees feel sick at work, but they feel better once they’re outside. Some symptoms people might have when they get sick in the office are sore throats, sneezing, headaches, fatigue, itchy or red eyes, and more. When your employees are sick, production levels go down.

Some reasons to care about cleaner air at work include:

  • Sick Office Syndrome where employees feel sick indoors and better outdoors.
  • Production levels drop because workers feel sick or catch illnesses.
  • Air becomes stagnant and polluted without proper ventilation.

How to Get Cleaner Office Air

There are a few ways to invest in cleaner office air. One is to change the layout of the office. This might be a bit pricey, because some offices might need renovations, but more open spaces or areas that lead to outdoor locations will improve the air quality.

Another way to clean office air is to invest in better HVAC systems. This will bring in more outdoor air and clean the existing indoor air. Although your company may need to allocate money in its budget to install a good-quality HVAC system, it will save money overall, because fewer employees will call in sick, and productivity levels will rise.

Plants can also improve the air quality. Some plants to have in the office are aloe vera, spider plants, and peace lilies.

Another option is hiring a professional cleaning company (like Image One) to properly clean every inch of the HVAC system to your satisfaction.  For a FREE quote, call 844.652.4143 or use our online form.