13 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Office

Despite the elbow-grease it takes to get it done, many people look forward to the chore of spring-cleaning. The process can be rejuvenating and help the spring sunlight shine in your office building. If you aren’t the type who enjoys a good deep cleaning project, you can at least suffer through the process and then reap the benefits of your work afterwards. A good deep cleaning at least once a year can help prevent clutter and reduce the number of germs that may be accumulating in your office space.

Typically, an office or professional area has a cleaning routine, whether it be professional or a group effort by employees. There are times when cleaning needs run deeper than this, and a deep clean is required. We have compiled a list of office areas that are often overlooked or ignored during a normal cleaning cycle.

Air Vents

Air vents, ducts, and filters need to be cleaned or changed regularly to help eliminate allergens in the air. The recommendation for cleaning air vents or ducts is every two years, while an air filter should be changed out at least every 90 days. We know getting to that air filter every three months is a challenge, but adding it to a calendar app may be a good reminder.


For some reason, walls are often overlooked in the cleaning process. Especially in a break room, walls can be splattered with debris or discolored from dust. A simple wipe down of the walls and floor boards will create a noticeably cleaner environment.

Hard Surface Floor Care

Hard surface floors in your office can be easily neglected. Ceramic tile may be incredibly durable and naturally more resistant to dirt, but it’s important to machine scrub your tiles every few months. Caring for vinyl tiles can be more labor intensive. Stripping and refinishing vinyl tiles is an integral part of maintaining your hard surface floors. It can depend on the amount of wear and tear your vinyl flooring takes, but stripping and refinishing should be done at least once every 18 months.

Light Fixtures

Your office space may have ceiling fans or ceiling light fixtures that should be dusted. These fixtures become dirtier as your office encounters more employee and customer traffic. Cleaning these areas is as simple as using warm, soapy water and a cloth to wipe them down to remove dust. If they are glass, they can also benefit from the use of glass cleaner.


The break room microwave might be the dirtiest place in your office building. Many employees bring their lunch to work and use the microwave on a daily basis. Food splatters and spills are cooked onto microwave surfaces, creating a commune of bacteria. Worse yet, people don’t take the time to clean the microwave properly, simply because it’s not theirs. For a spring clean, microwave a coffee mug of ¾ cup water to ¼ cup vinegar for three minutes. The concoction will loosen food inside the microwave, which will allow for a quick and easy wipe down.


The office refrigerator can be just as dirty as the microwave. Food spills and bowls full of rancid food should be a part of the spring cleaning process. You may want to elect your least favorite co-worker for the job or draw straws for the chore. Either way, wipe down the refrigerator surfaces, remove old and expired food, then disinfect with a safe cleaner.

Trash Cans

Breakroom trash cans are always full of splatters, overflow, or other bacteria-ridden specimens that should be eliminated. If the trash can isn’t awful, spray down the inside of the receptacle with water, then wipe down the outside. If the trash can is beyond help, buy a new one.

Outdoor Weeding and Walkways

Warmer temperatures mean that weeds will begin popping up all around your office building. Take a walk around the outside of the building to find weeds at their youngest and remove them before their roots take hold. Be sure to look at walkways also, as bad weather may have left mud prints or salt marks from ice removal.

Desktops and Paperwork

Office clutter can be frustrating and lead to disorganization. Every few months it’s a good idea to clean off desktops, organize papers, and throw out unneeded materials. Without this cleaning process, papers and files will continue to pile up until the stacks are unmanageable. Take this time to organize your desk, maybe adding a plant or flowers to foster a spring mood.

Blinds or Window Treatments

Blinds and window treatments also need your attention. If the office has blinds, the process will be a simple dusting or wipe down. If there are fabric curtains or window treatments, you still may be able to carefully dust them. Some treatments will require professional cleaning. Window treatments are typically a pricey investment, so be sure to give them a proper cleaning at least every spring.


With spring comes better health! Flu and cold season is technically coming to a close. Take this time to disinfect all surfaces around the office, including door handles, light switches, and keyboards. Bacteria and viruses lurking on office equipment can survive long enough to create an employee outbreak.

Carpet Shampooing

If your office has carpet or rugs, now is a good time to shampoo those areas. Heavy foot traffic, mud, or salt from the winter can wear down your carpeting and make it look older than it is. Hire a professional to take care of your carpets if you’re not able to do it on your own. The results will be noticeable to employees and customers.

Computer File and Email Clean Out

Last, but certainly not least, take the time to clean out your desktop and stored files on your computer. Organize the files into logical categories for ease of access in the future. If you have files that you may need later, create a folder to store them and label it for clarity. Email boxes can also become full and cluttered. If you have 9,263 emails in your inbox, now is a great time to delete the ones that you don’t need. For emails you do need to keep, organize them into subfolders for a tidy and clear inbox.

Make your Spring a Fabulous One!

Whether you enjoyed your office cleaning project or not, you can now enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment for eight hours a day. Reducing clutter and dwelling in a clean environment can have a very positive effect on your day. No one enjoys working in cluttered or dirty offices. Make employees happy with a deep spring-cleaning and open windows to draw in the fresh air.