What a Clean (or Dirty) Office Restroom Says About Your Company

Office restroomBathrooms should always be clean, whether they are at the office, at home, or out in public areas. Clean bathrooms are more comfortable and enjoyable, and dirty bathrooms can be nightmares. In an office, you can expect many people to use the bathroom throughout the day, so it’s essential to keep it clean. There are also important health reasons to practice keeping office bathrooms clean.

A Clean Bathroom Prevents Illnesses and Sick Leave

When bathrooms are dirty, there will be bacteria lingering in most places and the bacteria will grow if left uncleaned. When employees continuously use a dirty bathroom, they may get headaches or feel fatigued from bacteria trying to make its way into their bodies. If a bathroom is dirty enough, employees will get sick.

Regularly cleaning a bathroom will decrease the chances of employees getting sick and needing to take sick leave, which takes up a large chunk of money, so if employees can avoid that, the company will save money.

A Clean Bathroom Promotes Better Air Quality

Stagnant air in the office harbors mold, bacteria, and airborne viruses that contaminate breathing spaces. A dirty bathroom will contribute to low air quality. When the air quality is low, employees will be less productive and will be more prone to feeling sick. Cleaning bathrooms regularly will improve the air and work productivity.

Ways to Maintain a Clean Bathroom

Janitors usually clean the bathroom every day, but sometimes it’s not enough. To keep a bathroom clean, urge employees to use proper restroom etiquette at the office. Employees should flush toilets promptly after use, close the lid to prevent bacteria from spraying out, wash hands properly, and avoid touching items with dirty hands.

Following these tips will ensure that people get sick less often, have higher productivity levels, and a clean bathroom that everyone can use comfortably.

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