Surprising Health Risks of Dirty Windows

Dirty windowsWindows are a great addition to the office, if only because they offer a visual break from the harsh lighting and constant computer screens. At the same time, however, they may present an unexpected health risk – especially as many of us don’t realize they can be dangerous in the first place. Surely, after all, a dirty window isn’t that risky, right? Actually, windows are surprisingly dirty and unhealthy if poorly maintained.


A glass window may look clean, but unless it’s sanitized regularly, it could be a hot spot of bacterial colonies. Since window maintenance isn’t usually a daily affair, they offer a safe space for microbes to grow without restriction. This can lead to airborne diseases and pathogens spreading around the office.


Unless you clean your office windows regularly, they can accumulate plenty of dust – and worse – dust mites. Dust mites are small insects which can cause respiratory issues and allergic reactions because of their feces, which may create airborne health hazards.

Air Pollution

Research suggests that old, urban windows in commercial and residential buildings may contribute to airborne pollutants. If a coating of grime covers your windows, this will be particularly pronounced. Grime can introduce certain nitrogen compounds which are linked to smog – the last thing you want is for this to enter your office air!


Windows are not the best insulation in a building, particularly in older buildings or if the windows are poorly maintained. This can cause condensation, and whenever you have damp, humid air and water, you get mold. If you have a mold problem and condensation around your windows, consider replacing them with better frames – and above all else, regularly cleaning your window sills and frames.

The best choice you can make for your office and window health is to hire a great cleaning service like ImageOne. Our regular services can clean your office from top to bottom with safe, environmentally friendly products, and with an excellent, hard-working staff.