4 Cool Cleaning Gadgets to Give Your Employees

Cleaning office deskMaintaining a clean, germ-free workplace is imperative to the overall health and productivity of your office. Clean quarters mean lower odds of viral outbreaks, such as the flu that’s proven deadly this year. One way to push your employees in the right direction is to give them gadgets that make cleaning the office fun – or at least less of a mundane task. Here are four affordable and useful cleaning gadgets that could benefit your work environment.

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

The Angry Mama makes cleaning the microwave fun. The microwave in your office kitchen or break room can harbor serious germs and be one of the most difficult appliances to keep clean. This gadget blows steam out of the “Angry Mama’s” head, cleaning the microwave with the power of steam. Find it for under $12 on Amazon.com.

Screen-Cleaning Minis

Office computers are some of the grimiest places in the workspace. Computer keyboards, screens, and equipment are prone to bacteria buildups that can lead to the spread of viruses. Make cleaning the workstation a breeze with screen-cleaning minis – gentle microfiber sponges that are great for wiping and cleaning screens. Buy a pack of five colorful screen-cleaners for $6.99 at Amazon.com.

Cyber Clean “Goop” for Electronics

One fun and oddly satisfying gadget for office cleaning is a pack of Cyber Clean “goop” – a cleaning compound that absorbs dirt and eliminates almost 100 percent of germs in electronics. Simply press the “goop” into tight spaces such as keyboards, remote controls, and computer fans, and it will absorb dirt and dust. Purchase one for communal use around the office for just $24.50 on Amazon.com.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser might not be a new gadget, but that doesn’t make it any less popular or effective for use around the office. At under $5 for a pack of four, this is also an extremely affordable cleaning option. The Magic Eraser cleans grime off walls, power outlets, light switches, and more using a textured sponge.