School Cleaning 101: The Right Way to Disinfect

Disinfect In part one, we talked about the differences between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing, and the most touched objects in the school. In part two, we will discuss the right way to disinfect the surfaces in your school. There is a right way and a wrong way, and it makes a huge difference in keeping the germs away.

Read the Label

Mixing cleaners with disinfectants can sometimes produce harmful gasses. It is important to read the directions and follow all the safety instructions to avoid creating a toxic substance. Be sure you are using the right cleaner for the right job. Different disinfectants work on different surfaces. For example, a cleaning solution meant for non-porous materials may damage soft objects.

The amount of time you leave a disinfectant on a surface also matters. Some products serve both cleaning and disinfectant purposes. In order to be considered a disinfectant, the solution needs to sit on the surface for a period of time. It can be up to five minutes to take full advantage of the germ-killing properties. If you just spray and wipe it off right away, you will lose the disinfecting properties.

Disinfecting wipes can be misleading. The idea is to use one wipe to clean the surface, but the truth is the solution from the wipe needs to stay on the object for a certain amount of time. This may mean using more than one wipe to keep the object wet for long enough to disinfect the surface. A product’s label should contain all the information you need to figure out the details.

Use Safety Gear When Needed

Some chemicals are strong and require gloves or safe eye protection. Follow the directions on the bottle and be aware of splashing or spills. Use the right equipment for the right chemical, and make sure there are no traces of the product left on surfaces where kids sit or eat. Be sure to remove gloves or wash hands with soap and water after handling any chemical cleaners.

If all of this sounds like a huge hassle, there is a simple solution. Call a professional to get the job done right. Instead of worrying about chemical reactions and proper disinfectant times, let the experts handle it for you and enjoy a germ-free season this school year.