6 Cleaning Supplies You Didn’t Know Were Toxic

Toxic cleaning chemicalsEveryone knows that mixing vinegar with baking soda creates a chemical reaction – it's a standard feature of childhood chemistry projects. Not all chemical reactions are so benign, however, and many are more common than we may think. One of the most dangerous types of reactions is when certain common cleaning supplies mix, or even worse, when some supplies are used at all. Here are some of the most dangerous chemicals you may keep on hand in your office and what makes them so dangerous.

1. Toilet Bowl Cleaners

One of the most notorious cleaning supplies around, toilet bowl cleaners regularly come loaded with chlorine or corrosive acids that can mix with other cleaning chemicals to create a toxic gas. Not the best choice for your high-volume office bathrooms!

2. Aerosols

Many disinfectant sprays contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs which can cause health risks if inhaled. This doesn’t just go for disinfectants either, VOCs are present in air fresheners and aromatic sprays as well.

3. Tarnish Remover

Some tarnish removers contain known carcinogens – cancer-causing chemicals – and are also dangerous for pregnant women and fetal health.

4. Carpet Cleaners

Common spot treatment chemicals are extremely dangerous if inhaled, and prolonged exposure to their vapors can cause significant respiratory damage.

5. Bleach

If you haven’t heard by now, you should never mix bleach with any other chemical. The active ingredient in bleach is sodium hypochlorite, which reacts to form chlorine gas if bleach comes in contact with chemicals like ammonia.

Even without the chemical reaction turning bleach into toxic gas, sodium hypochlorite is a known skin irritant and, as anyone who’s ever cleaned their bathroom knows, the vapors can cause lightheadedness and confusion.

6. Mold Removers

Mold causes dangerous respiratory problems and, ironically, so do mold removers. The active fungicides in mold and mildew removers can damage your lungs and respiratory system if inhaled.

So if all of these chemicals are so dangerous, how do you clean your office? Luckily, Image One USA offers green cleaning services that don’t use any of these or other harmful chemicals. Not only are Image One’s services healthier for your office, they’re also better for the environment! To schedule an appointment, please call 844-652-4153.