How to Develop a Routine Cleaning Checklist for Your Business’ s Restroom

Office bathroom cleaningKeeping a clean business overall is extremely important to your customers and your employees. The restroom can be one of the areas that becomes very dirty and is even overlooked because not all customers or clients use that space. However, maintaining the cleanliness of your bathroom is a vital aspect of having a clean business space. Follow these tips to develop a routine cleaning checklist for your restroom and make sure it is clean at all times.

Educate Your Cleaning Staff

Even if they have been hired for cleaning services, it is good to be sure that they also know how to clean a restroom well. The difference between cleaning and disinfecting is an important thing to teach. Cleaning is more about the surface of the sink or toilet and should focus on clearing off any dirt or material in the room. Disinfecting is killing the germs and bacteria. The process of disinfecting is more effective after the surface has been cleaned thoroughly.

Do It Right the First Time

A correct and extensive cleaning the first time can save you money on products and help keep the germs and bacteria under control for the time after that. Here are some of the steps to do a thorough restroom cleaning routine:

  • Make sure you have all the correct products and tools for the job.
  • Clearly close down the restroom to the public while you are cleaning it.
  • Empty the trash and restock all the items.
  • Dust all the surfaces and clean the floor.
  • Clean the surface that require wet cleaning like mirrors, counter tops, door handles, etc.
  • Clean entire toilet/urinal.
  • Clean floors and areas near the toilet/urinal.
  • Inspect the restroom for anything that you may have missed.
  • Open it back up to the public.
Following these simple steps will help you keep a clean and tidy bathroom for your business.