The Top Four Most Overlooked Areas in Your Office That Aren't Cleaned

Office Waiting RoomAn office can feel like a second home. You spend a large portion of your day there, and you may entertain visitors on a regular basis. Dingy, dusty surfaces can make your business look uncared for and cause visitors to feel uncomfortable. Untrained cleaners often overlook basic cleaning areas that leave your office looking less than inviting. Check these areas to make sure your office is truly clean.

Upholstered Surfaces

While cleaning services may scrub the bathroom and mop the floors, they often neglect furniture and other upholstered areas. Whether it’s covered in fabric or leather, surfaces collect dust, oil, and bacteria.

If your office has partitions sectioning off cubicles, they are probably covered in fabric that collects dust. Clean them regularly to remove allergens and other buildup.

Air Vents and Ductwork

Your heating and air conditioning system moves air around the clock to keep your facility cool. It also circulates dust and debris. Check vents to make sure there’s no black buildup nearby. Regularly dust vents and returns to remove elements that can impact indoor air quality.

Ceiling fans also collect dust and dirt. Moist air can dampen debris and provide a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.


Cleaning services often shy away from cleaning around computer equipment for fear they’ll mess something up. If you lift keyboards or shift monitors, you’ll most likely find dust, smudges, and crumbs. That buildup can shorten the lifespan of your equipment and cost your company money.

Your employees’ desks are like their own personal spaces while they’re at work. Whatever germs they come in with collect on their keyboard and mouse. If they cough or sneeze, airborne bacteria travels to monitors and other areas.

The Microwave

When employees heat their lunches, they may leave behind spatters. Food smudges on the microwave keypad leave germs the next user must touch. Spills left too long can interfere with microwave function and cause your space to start to smell.

The cleanliness of your business impacts how customers view your products and services and affects the health of your employees. It’s worth the investment to hire a cleaning company you can trust to get the job done right.