The Right Way to Clean and Maintain and Office Toilet

Office toiletIn some office spaces, everyone needs to pitch in to keep the space clean and sanitary. While bathroom cleaning is no walk in the park, everyone benefits from a clean toilet space. With the right technique, you can beat germs without putting yourself at risk. Consider printing this guide and posting it next to your cleaning supplies for the person who does the job.

Put on Gloves

Toilets are often covered in germs and other organic material. Keep a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from surfaces. Differentiate your toilet cleaning gloves from your dish washing gloves by buying separate colors and storing them in independent locations.

Pre-Cleaning Soak

Saturate a sponge in hot water and wipe the tank, seat, base, and other parts of your toilet. This will remove loose debris and allow stuck-on material to soak so it’s easier to remove later.

Apply Cleaner

Choose a toilet bowl cleaner formulated to remove stains and odors and read the manufacturer’s instructions. Squirt a generous amount under the rim and allow it to run down the sides of the tank. Many cleaners advise leaving the area to soak for a brief time.

While you allow it to soak, apply a spray disinfectant generously to exterior surfaces. While you don’t want to use so much that your floor becomes saturated, use enough to kill bacteria and cut through stains.

Scrub the Bowl

Use your toilet brush to thoroughly scrub the entire inside of the toilet bowl. Pay extra attention to the space just under the rim. You’ll often find mildew and mineral deposits have been building up out of sight in the little holes where water comes out when you flush. Scrub until buildup is completely removed.

Flush the toilet, continuing to scrub with your brush to make sure all dislodged material is washed away. If you still see stains or dirt, repeat the process.

Clean the Exterior

Use paper towels to wipe the outside of the toilet. Throw away your towels as they become wet or collect hair and dust and repeat the process until your toilet is shiny and clean. Use your paper towels to wipe the floor around the toilet base to make sure that area is clean as well.

When nobody wants the job of cleaning your office toilet, it may be time to call a professional. Contact Image One USA for custom cleaning services you can trust.