Locating The 4 Dirtiest Places in Your Office and Proper Cleanliness

Locating The 4 Dirtiest Places in Your Office and Proper Cleanliness

Keeping a clean building is important for your employees and customers. In many office settings, some areas fail at proper cleanliness than others do when it comes to cleaning. Over time, this can lead to seriously dirty patches, mold, mildew, and other harmful contaminants.

To figure out which areas are dirtiest, researchers swabbed surfaces and tested them for adenosine triphosphates. These molecules are in animal, vegetable, bacteria, and mold cells. The higher the number, the more bacteria and viruses the surface is hosting. Here are some of these unexpectedly dirty surfaces in your office and how you should clean them:

  • Break room faucet handles. Many people focus on cleaning the bathroom, neglecting sinks in other parts of the building. But, those aren’t the only places we need to worry about – 75% of break room faucet handles have ATP counts over 300. It’s an easy fix, though. All you need is some disinfecting spray and a cloth or paper towel.
  • Microwave handles. Don’t just worry about internal temps – 48% of microwave door handles also had 300+ ATP counts. This is especially disturbing because food is involved. Sanitize the outside as well as the inside and make sure to remove the plate to clean beneath it.
  • Keyboards are dirtier than you think – 27% of them registered high levels of ATP, but it could be higher in your workplace without proper cleaning. Encourage employees to wash their hands or use sanitizer in addition to regular wipe-downs.
  • Refrigerator door handles. Like microwave handles, refrigerators could contaminate food during lunch. They should be wiped down frequently and old food should be disposed of on a regular basis.

Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of cleaning your office and maintaining proper cleanliness? There’s no reason to take it all on yourself. At Image One, our professional cleaning team knows how to clean your entire office, not just the hot spots. We’ll make sure everything is sanitized and fresh so you and your employees stay healthier and happier.