How Is Image One Franchising Different Vs. Competitors?

How Is Image One Franchising Different Vs. Competitors?

Image One began in 1985 when Tim Conn started operating a cleaning company to service a commercial office building. Years later, Tim and his partner, Mike Schuchman, founded Image One with the goal of being a franchise company different from the rest of the Chicago-based cleaning services. This goal is accomplished through the Image One Training Program, The Franchise Success Strategy™.

What Is the Image One Training Program?

Tim and Mike developed this program to ensure the greatest amount of success for Image One franchising owners. They rightly understood that any success for a franchisee is a success for the Image One name. The training program includes:

  • Image One franchising owners who are invested in their clients, leading to high levels of customer satisfaction and low staff turnover.
  • Six different learning modules to equip new business owners with the necessary tools to operate a successful cleaning company focused on customer support and care.
  • An established support team to walk through the initial months of start-up and assist through the ramp-up period.
  • Effective client communication through advanced web-software systems and electronic logbooks, as well as the use of Apple iPad and iPhone devices to perform electronic inspections, maintain an updated task list, and ensure proper staffing of jobs.

Our commitment to offering new business owners with quality and consistent support has established Image One as a smart choice for first-time franchisees. The average longevity of franchise owners at Image One is over five years, and Image One has close to 50 franchisees that service nearly 300 buildings in Chicago and the surrounding area. Of those 50 franchisees, 11 have been working with Tim and Mike for more than 10 years.

The cleaning and hospitality industry is a thriving and fast-growing environment, making it a great investment for first-time business owners. Invest in an organization that is willing to invest in you!