Two Ways to Keep the Office Kitchen Clean

Two Ways to Keep the Office Kitchen Clean

Since the office kitchen is a communal space, many employees assume it is someone else’s job to keep it clean. In most cases, cleaning the kitchen is everyone’sjob.

Not only is a dirty office kitchen a nuisance for those who have to use it – it can also be a health hazard. Teaching proper workplace kitchen etiquette means establishing a few guidelines.

Implement a Policy

The workplace kitchen is one of those areas where you have to lay down the law. Create a written policy for how employees use the common kitchen area. Include the policy in your employee manual and keep a copy in the kitchen. Discuss the rules at staff meetings and training for new hires, and be sure to enforce the rules. Your policy can include rules and tips, such as each person cleans up his or her own mess, and cleaning out the microwave, sink, and eating area.

Encourage Etiquette

Consider hosting a staff meeting or sending an email to encourage all employees to be aware that they need to be respectful of the kitchen space and their coworkers’ belongings. Kitchen etiquette is about keeping the kitchen clean, organized, and as efficient as possible. Common kitchen etiquette includes:

  • Use minimal space in the refrigerator.
  • Discard perishable food at the end of each week.
  • Let the right person know if the kitchen has run out of company-supplied items.
  • Take only a small portion of food brought in to share and thank the supplier.
  • Never take anything that has someone else’s name on it or that isn’t labeled.
  • Don’t leave nasty notes regarding messes in the kitchen – bring up any problems to a supervisor.

Teaching good etiquette and enforcing a policy can put every employee on the same page. Keeping an office kitchen clean is a team effort. Guide this effort with confidence with these tips.