Three Ways Workplace Cleanliness Affects Your Bottom Line

Three Ways Workplace Cleanliness Affects Your Bottom Line

Workplace cleanliness is about more than just an enjoyable workplace – it can significantly affect your bottom line. Cleaning can help your company in myriad ways, including improving company performance, employee productivity, and the customer experience.

If you ever doubted the returns on investment for your office cleaning initiatives, let this set the record straight.

  • Employee Health and Happiness

Employees will always respond positively to a clean, organized workplace. Workplace cleanliness encourages attendance, motivation, and stress relief. Keeping the office clean, safe, and sanitary can make employees happier and more willing to show up on time and ready to work. Boosting employee happiness leads to improved productivity and better employee retention.

Employee health is another major benefit of keeping the workplace clean. A dirty office can harbor dangerous germs and bacteria, leading to more office illness outbreaks, sick days, and lost productivity. Train your employees to control infections to reduce absenteeism and company liability for sick employees.

  • Office Efficiency

By keeping organizational systems in place, your employees will always know where things are throughout the workday. This will eliminate time wasted sifting through mountains of un-filed paperwork or asking coworkers where something is. An organized workplace lets your employees focus on their tasks.

Cleaning your officer computers, printers, and other equipment is great practice to reduce wear and tear on costly hardware. Regular machine maintenance can save you major money on expensive breakdowns down the road. A cleaner workplace is more reliable, functional, and productive.

  • Your Image as a Brand

Maintaining a clean workplace looks good for you as a company. Customers and business partners want to support efficient and well-managed companies – not dirty, dingy, grimy ones. Cleanliness makes this possible. Image One USA can help you keep your workplace clean, reducing the risks of cold and flu and enabling you to get the most out of your company.