Onboarding 101: How to Make New Employees Feel Welcome and Excited

Onboarding 101: How to Make New Employees Feel Welcome and Excited

Onboarding is a very delicate process. It can mean the difference between new employees falling in love with a job or deciding it’s not for them. Make the first weeks of a new hire’s job comfortable, welcoming, and fulfilling for the best results. Onboarding done well can improve employee happiness, boost retention rates, and cut hiring and training costs. Here’s how to make new employees excited and ready to work.

Create a Welcome Strategy

Get all your current employees on the same page about making the new hire feel welcome. From management down, everyone on the ladder who interacts with the new employee should know how to make his or her experience better. This can include asking the new hire questions about his or her experience so far, answering any questions or concerns, or simply introducing themselves. Pair new hires with seasoned employees to make onboarding easier and smoother within the company.

Implement a Training Schedule

Nothing can throw off the onboarding process like a new hire feeling unsure of what he or she should be doing. Implement a training schedule to give your new hire an exact list of things to do in the first few weeks. This will prevent him or her feeling useless or in the way of other employees. Investing in training can significantly boost productivity, confidence, and job satisfaction in the crucial first 60 to 90 days on the job.

Immerse the New Employees in Company Culture

Strive to immerse the new hire in your company culture as soon as possible. Assign him or her roles in the workplace and ask the new hire for input on current projects. Host a fun social activity for your employees and invite the new people. Tell your staff not to ostracize new hires, and to include them on any employee trips and lunches. Make new hires immediately feel like an important part of the team.