Five Must-Have Cleaning Tools Every Workplace Needs

Five Must-Have Cleaning Tools Every Workplace Needs

Cleaning up office messes is much more effective with the right cleaning tools. Always keep a few critical cleaning items in your supply closet for fast, easy, and sanitary clean-up jobs. These basic cleaning tools are a must-have for an office in any industry:

  • Cleaning Chemicals

At a minimum, stock a multipurpose cleaner, concentrated antibacterial cleaner, glass cleaner, and a toilet cleaner. These will cover all your bases, giving employees a suitable cleaner for messes in all areas of the office. Depending on your goals as a company, you may want to choose green cleaners. There are many benefits to green cleaning.

  • Mop and Bucket

Mops are essential for cleaning up spills – a major workplace issue. Keep a mop and bucket available for cleaning hard floor areas and soaking up spilled fluids. You may want to invest in a “Caution: Wet Floors” sign to go with your mop and bucket, for safety reasons. Teach employees to use the right soap-to-water ratio in the mop bucket.

  • Broom and Dustpan

A broom, brush, and dustpan are perfect for cleaning up small messes and keeping areas tidy in the kitchen and around the office. Keep the broom and dustpan available to all employees in case of an emergency mess. If you are responsible for cleaning large areas of carpet, invest in a solid commercial vacuum cleaner for a more thorough clean.

  • Personal Safety Gear

Keep rubber gloves (latex-free to avoid allergy issues), face masks, and germ-killing chemicals available to employees. Having the right safety items will encourage employees to clean up after themselves and avoid personal injuries by keeping them safe from hazardous messes. 

  • A Professional Cleaner’s Phone Number

Having the right cleaning tools on hand will help with a workplace mess, but remember – some messes need professional attention. If you have hazardous material spills, major messes such as floods, or areas you just can’t seem to clean, hire a professional.