Creating a Cleaning Schedule for Your Workplace

Creating a Cleaning Schedule for Your Workplace

Keeping the office clean is about to get a whole lot easier. Implementing a cleaning schedule for your employees gives them an easy and effective tool for keeping common areas tidy and sanitary.

This is the system you need if you have trouble with messes in communal areas. Here’s how to create a cleaning regime that works:

Create a Daily Cleaning Schedule

First, create a daily cleaning list. This should include the bare minimums for keeping the office clean. Every employee is responsible for the things on the daily list. Daily items can include emptying waste bins, disinfecting surfaces, throwing away all trash, and cleaning up food crumbs and coffee rings. Create a daily cleaning checklist to hang in the bathroom for extra sanitation. Depending on the motivation of your employees, you may need to implement a system where each person initials a sign-in sheet after he or she finishes daily cleaning tasks.

Instruct Employees to Clean Weekly

Weekly cleaning items are those that don’t necessarily you don’t need done every day but that shouldn’t be left longer than a week. These include throwing out perishable food items left in the communal refrigerator, cleaning windows, polishing hardwood and brass surfaces, and emptying and disinfecting trashcans. In-depth floor cleaning can also be a weekly item. Create a revolving list of employees to complete these tasks every week. These should be deeper cleaning items that help create a cleaner, healthier, and more attractive work environment.

Institute an Annual Spring Cleaning

At least once each year, your office needs to engage in a major, top-to-bottom spring-cleaning. This is the time when the company will come together to organize filing cabinets, get rid of unused items, and start fresh.

Spring-cleaning will leave your employees feeling reinvigorated, refreshed, and energized. Consider outsourcing your annual cleaning for a true professional clean.