Leveraging Brand Recognition for New Franchise Owners

Leveraging Brand Recognition for New Franchise Owners

Owning a franchise rather than starting a new business has many advantages – one of which is brand recognition. You own one unit of many in an established company, making it likely that people have already heard of your brand. You can make the most out of instant brand recognition as a new franchise owner with a few tips from seasoned veterans.

Focus on the Local Community

People may have heard of your brand on a wide scale, but how well do the locals know the company? Focus your attention on building strong local brand awareness. This will engender a community that supports your company and perceives it as a local business, not just one of many such units around the country. Turning your franchise location into a go-to local shop can give you all the advantages of a major corporation and a trusted small business – the best of both worlds. Local awareness can give you a solid foundation in your area to build on and expand.

Build Brand Recognition

As a franchise owner, you are participating in a brand that has already built a certain reputation and image. It’s your job to be consistent with this image. Follow the existing guidelines for acceptable logo use, marketing campaigns, graphics, and more. Someone else has already done the hard part for you – now you just need to manage your company in accordance with established standards and reap the rewards.

Seek Guidance from Your Franchisor

As a franchise owner, you have an incredible tool at your disposal that other business owners do not – an experienced franchisor. Your franchisor has already handled the issues you’re dealing with, and will have tried-and-true advice for how to leverage brand recognition. Look at other franchises and see what they are doing. Learn from their mistakes. The right franchisor will be your guidance counselor, helping you use brand recognition to its fullest potential.