How to Choose the Best Cleaning Service for Your Facility

How to Choose the Best Cleaning Service for Your Facility

A clean office environment promotes wellness, contributes to a positive brand identity, and enhances efficiency. Well-run facilities often need a standard and thorough cleaning protocol to maintain operations.

A professional cleaning service takes the guesswork out of facility cleaning to save businesses both time and money. While justifying a cleaning service is easy, finding the right one isn’t always as simple.

Researching a Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaning services can offer a range of services, and some will deliver better results than others. As you talk to various cleaning service representatives, keep an eye out for the following criteria:

  • Cleaning companies must deliver consistent results to maintain a customer base. Look for an established business with positive online reviews and a willingness to share references.
  • Licensing and training. Some cleaning companies hire unskilled workers and fail to adequately vet and train them before sending them out to customer facilities. Find a company that bonds and insures each employee for your protection. Invest in trained cleaning crews who understand your priorities and cleaning industry best practices. Ask as many questions about the hiring and training process as needed to feel comfortable with the arrangement.
  • User-friendly and convenient scheduling. Commercial facilities have different expectations for cleaning services. Some offices need services every day while others prefer once-weekly or once-monthly services. Look for a company that offers flexible scheduling to meet your business’s needs.
  • Support and quality control. Find out how a business ensures results and customer satisfaction. Top cleaning services offer 24/7 customer support and emergency services. Seek out a company that routinely monitors and inspects cleaning crew work and offers to correct any unsatisfactory results.

Finding a cleaning service that meets your budget, scheduling, and service needs can be tough. At Image One Facility Solutions, we take a different approach to cleaning to eliminate common customer pain points. From crew training to monthly inspections, we deliver visible results in a range of commercial environments. Find out more about our satisfaction-guaranteed services today.