How Often Should You Be Cleaning Office Machinery?

How Often Should You Be Cleaning Office Machinery?

Routine office cleanings take care of table wipe downs, floor cleaning, and trash takeout activities, but they often overlook one area of the office – the workroom. Have you ever looked down at the green button on a copier and noticed a dark smudge where dozens of colleagues have pressed down with their grubby hands? Have you ever thought ‘shouldn’t someone be cleaning office machinery besides me’?

Workrooms with office equipment, including printers, copiers, and shredders need routine cleaning for performance maintenance and general office health.

The Risks of Ignoring Office Equipment

Workplaces that ignore their workroom equipment often run into performance issues earlier than expected. Dust and debris can slow down a system, cause it to overheat, or cause it to malfunction. If a large group of people share the equipment, failing to clean it can also result in layers of buildup from repeated handling and colonies of potentially harmful pathogens. The good news is that you can easily avoid performance and health issues associated with office equipment by simply cleaning office machinery on a weekly basis.

Cleaning Office Machinery Schedule

Equipment best practices often recommend weekly wipe downs for all electronics. A once-over with a soft dry or damp rag will keep office equipment dust-free for improved performance. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball once a week to remove smudges and keep system keypads and touchscreens clean and germ-free. Vacuum and dust around cords and equipment vents to prevent dust buildup.

If you do notice excessive dust buildup on a piece of equipment, use compressed air to clear out the debris without harming the electronics. Consider inspecting the equipment once a month and adjusting cleaning habits based on the results.

For other cleaning activities, refer to the maintenance manual. Equipment guides often outline basic cleaning practices to which users can refer for optimal performance. Many manufacturers offer guidelines for cleaning a printer or copier after a specified number of pages. Work with IT professionals to clean internal system hardware and maintain system software on an as-needed basis.

Many professional cleaning companies overlook electronics, preferring to focus on the basics. If you want help maintaining office equipment, consider partnering with a company that offers customized cleaning plans that can include equipment wipe downs. Talk to an Image One Facility Solutions representative today to learn more