Hiring Employees to Represent Your Franchise

Hiring Employees to Represent Your Franchise

Your employees are the face of your cleaning service brand and business. Staffing is one of the biggest hurdles in the cleaning service industry – candidates will seem eager, but they fail to deliver consistent results.

Hiring employees that can make a world of difference in cleaning franchise success.

Traits of Strong Cleaning Service Employees

Few people set out to become professional cleaners. They end up in the work by happenstance, and that’s okay. Your job is to weed out dedicated laborers from people looking for an easy paycheck. Cleaning work is not easy and the following traits may indicate a strong candidate with the right attitude and capabilities:

  • Anyone who has worked in the residential or commercial cleaning industry before understands the labor demands of the work. These individuals will honestly respond to your questions about physical activity and ask thoughtful questions about the expectations of employers.

Newcomers to the trade may submit an application because they think anyone will accept them. Carefully vet prospective hires who are new to the trade – they may or may not become loyal employees.

  • The need to succeed. Some candidates have it and some don’t. The drive to achieve will set hard workers apart from those who simply want to earn a paycheck. Look for candidates who demonstrate honesty and a deep-seated desire to please their employers to find performance workers. These individuals may not perform well in other tasks, but they will give any job 100 percent to please a manager or employer.

Others really need the money and will perform well to avoid a poor work reference. Students and professionals in tough situations may serve as valuable employees because they need financial support.

  • A proven reputation. Rely on references, background checks, and online reputation evaluations to vet the trustworthiness of a candidate. If other people support the candidate’s claims, you may find a willing and loyal employee.

Hiring Employees for the Long Run

The cleaning service industry has a high turnover rate because many people come to the industry for different reasons. Use these hiring practices, on-the-job training, and a straightforward list of best practices to encourage consistent job performance, regardless of an employee’s tenure. While loyal employees are worth their weight in gold, short-term and driven employees may also provide value in the cleaning service space.