Keeping Office Scents Fresh for Better Business

Keeping Office Scents Fresh for Better Business

Cleaning and maintaining your office does more than provide a nice appearance and sanitary working conditions. Cleaning standards also affect overall business operations. If the office looks clean but there are still lingering odors, customers will have a bad experience. Stay on top of your office and business habits to make sure your space doesn’t just look clean, but that office scents are appealing to visitors.

Scents Affect Mood

Our sense of smell has an interesting way of making connections and taking an active part in our memories. Research has shown that once an employee had associated a smell with a positive event, like a success at work, the same smell can increase their mood and productivity. Finding a clean or refreshing scent for your office can help your employees make these connections and increase their morale and productivity overall.

The same response relates to your customers. When guests are in your office or store, they will associate the office scents with a memory. If certain scents lead to a positive response, people will remember your business and the experience they had in a positive way.

Negative Office Scents Turn Business Away

Customer sense of smell plays a part when they are considering purchasing something or agreeing to a business deal. The fragrance of your store or business can have an effect on your marketing, similar to a logo or jingle. When customers step into your store or business, they immediately begin taking everything in. They quickly determine the cleanliness of the store, the mood, and the smells. Customers who smell bad odors are more likely to leave quickly without making a purchase.

How to Avoid Bad Smells

Avoiding bad smells in your office or business comes down to your employees. Is your staff break room close to the front of the office or store? You may want to suggest that employees not reheat certain foods like fish or brussel sprouts in the microwave. You can also adopt a fragrance-free workplace policy to help avoid strong perfumes and other scents brought in by employees. Last, make sure office trashcans are empty at the end of the night, keeping any lingering smells from staying in the office.