How to Drive Business as an Image One Franchise Owner

How to Drive Business as an Image One Franchise Owner

Image One Franchise owners are constantly searching for ways to grow their customer bases and drive business through the door. A strong customer base encourages brand engagement and ensures business sustainability. Unfortunately, constantly finding innovative ideas to bring in customers can be tough.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite ideas to drive business suggestions and reinvigorate existing clients. These ideas apply whether you’re a new franchise owner or you’ve been with us for years. Try these tips to make this year your strongest yet:

  • Get involved in the local community. Join the local chamber of commerce and attend events, invest in a booth at a fair, or target trade shows your top prospective customers may attend. Face-to-face interactions will create a connection between you and the business. If they don’t need you now, they may call in the future.
  • Really sell your value proposition. Many cleaning businesses assume companies understand the value of commercial cleaning services. Instead of focusing on the “keeping things clean” aspect, focus on marketing materials that highlight customer outcomes. Clean work environments can improve productivity, build a brand, and increase worker satisfaction.
  • Optimize online activities. Many B2B customers search online before they ever talk to a representative. Update online listings, engage on social media, and encourage customer reviews to gain online visibility and stand out in the minds of prospective clients. Interact online as much as possible to showcase your franchise’s strong customer service and message or chat with prospective customers.
  • Choose a niche. Cleaning services often try to market to a large audience and, in doing so, lose contact with valuable customers. Start with the market space you think you can corner. For example, you may specialize in schools or small-to-medium office buildings. Market to that demographic and expand to new areas when you start gaining a sizeable market share.

Franchise success is all about knowing your market’s needs. If you understand what businesses look for in your area, you can sell them the best cleaning services they’ve ever experienced. When franchise owners know how to sell this business, they and their employees benefit. See how other franchise owners are building their businesses with Image One Facility Solutions.