Sanitation Codes in Chicago: How Does Your Commercial Building Stack Up?

Sanitation Codes in Chicago: How Does Your Commercial Building Stack Up?

Every city has certain rules and regulations regarding sanitation codes, garbage disposal, recycling programs, and overall cleaning regulations. Failure to adhere to the rules can result in penalties and fines.

The City of Chicago has several sanitation codes comprised of various municipal ordinances, which require specific cleanliness standards to prevent health hazards to the public, and safe disposal of garbage to prevent safety hazards.

City of Chicago Sanitation Rules

Business owners are expected to follow all of the rules for residential garbage found on the City of Chicago website. All businesses also must have containers sufficient to hold their garbage until a licensed scavenger service picks it up. Food and restaurant garbage should not be kept in containers provided by the City of Chicago.

Communal dumpsters in Chicago have clear instructions printed on them, and business owners may only use dumpsters as intended. When businesses retain the services of licensed scavenger companies, the information for these companies must also be listed on dumpsters.

Recycling Sanitation Codes

Proper garbage disposal isn’t important solely to avoid fines and ordinance violations, but also for improving overall sustainability in the American economy. Recycling is a vital part of effort, and it’s important for business owners to encourage recycling at all levels of their companies. Make sure that a recycling bin accompanies every trash bin, with clear instructions indicating the substances that may be recycled.

Keeping a clean workplace is important, as well. Regularly cleaning your business or hiring a professional cleaning company to do it for you will help ensure your business stays in compliance with Chicago health and safety regulations. A clean work environment promotes productivity and leaves employees less susceptible to illness. Abiding by the Chicago sanitation code is a great first step in keeping your business safe from legal action and protecting the health and well-being of your employees.

It’s important for Chicago business owners to understand the City of Chicago sanitation code and take every measure against improper garbage disposal. Proper trash disposal and regular, thorough workplace cleaning help keep Chicago employees healthy and productive.