How to Better Train Cleaning Employees to Control Infections

How to Better Train Cleaning Employees to Control Infections

They say knowledge is power, and we believe it. The right practices and techniques can help control infections and lessen the chance of disease and viruses, as well as improve the smells and sights within a business or home.

At Image One, we take employee training seriously for our staff and yours.

Why Training Matters to Control Infections

When you hire a company like us, you’re trusting us with the health and safety of your business. You put your faith in us to efficiently and effectively remove germs, preventing odors, and to control infections. It’s not always as straightforward as you may think, however. New equipment, techniques, and cleaning agents are always being developed. The only way to stay ahead of the curve is frequent training across the board.

Staying on top is important to us, so all of our employees receive regular information and demonstrations. It takes dedication to offer maximum efficiency, and that’s what we offer.

Why Your Employees Need Training, Too

Even though we pride ourselves on doing the best possible job cleaning for you, there are still opportunities for your workers to spread germs and become ill, effectively doing the opposite of controlling infections. Most of these oversights are simply due to lack of education. Encourage smart habits like closing the lid after flushing and sanitizing their personal equipment frequently, and you’ll be one step closer to better health.

Cleaning is an art form. Like any skill, it requires practice and diligence to reach maximum efficiency. At Image One, we have the skills and experience to go above and beyond your expectations.