Controlling Urine Splash and Keeping Restrooms Germ-Free

Controlling Urine Splash and Keeping Restrooms Germ-Free

Everyone knows restrooms can be very unclean if not maintained correctly. One of the biggest sanitation issues is urine splash around the toilets and urinals that can easily spread. We have gathered some tips that can help control urine splash and better keep restrooms germ-free to maintain a safer and better-smelling environment.

Tips to Keep Your Restrooms Germ-Free:

  • Removing the toilet seat. This doesn’t have to be done every time the restroom is cleaned, but it should be addressed occasionally. The seat fastener can hide particles of urine and feces, causing odor in the bathroom.
  • Cleaning tablets. Drop-in tablets can help keep the toilet more sanitary while producing a clean and pleasant smell. They can be dropped in the top reservoir for consumer-styled toilets or stuck to the bowl in commercial models.
  • Education. It might not be a comfortable topic, but a little bit of urination education can go a long way. For example, men should be encouraged to urinate straight down towards the drain. Directing the flow towards the back of a urinal actually causes the most amount of back-splash. Likewise, adding a small piece of toilet paper into a toilet prior to urination can soften the fall and reduce splashes. 
  • Closing lids (when applicable) before flushing. The motion of the flush can fling urine and fecal particles into the air and room. Simply closing the lid before flushing keeps nearly all of them contained. Plus, it’s easy to wipe down later.

We hope these tips will help keep your restrooms germ-free because keeping a clean restroom is very important. If you’re ready to let a professional handle the job, contact us at Image One today for a FREE quote.