Three Bad Habits That Lead to an Unsanitary Workstation

Three Bad Habits That Lead to an Unsanitary Workstation

Desk spaces can easily become cluttered, disorganized, and messy, but most employees don’t realize germs and bacteria can thrive on an unsanitary workstation.

Many employees eat at their desks, leave dirty dishes behind, and don’t wash their hands before returning to the keyboard. Desk equipment, such as phones and chairs, rarely get the sanitary cleaning they need to be healthy and safe.

It’s important to eliminate these bad habits to prevent spreading sickness and disease.

Poor Regular Spot Cleaning

It’s a good idea to encourage your employees to get in the habit of cleaning their workspaces and desks every day. Wiping up the odd coffee cup ring, dusty spots, and keyboard help prevent bacteria from accumulating. Keeping a can of compressed air in the office is handy for blowing crumbs and dust out of computers and keyboards. A clean work space prevents health problems and encourages productivity.

Unsanitary Workstation Storage

Many companies keep stockpiles of copy paper and other paper products, but it’s important that these supplies are kept in the open, not locked in a dark closet. Mold can easily grow in a stockpile of paper, and mold causes serious health issues for everyone in the area.

Neglecting Kitchens and Bathrooms

Everyone in the office invariably needs to use break rooms, kitchens, and restrooms, and these communal areas are typically breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. It’s important that employees stay in the habit of cleaning up after themselves to avoid food-splattered microwaves, unknown pools of residue in refrigerators, and dirty toilets.

These are just a few of the typical bad habits in American workplaces, and it takes individual effort as well as organizational direction to keep work spaces clean and disease-free. It’s wise to hire a professional cleaning company to handle your tougher messes, long-standing issues, and more thorough cleaning for commonly used areas.

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