Report: Cold and Flu Prevention More Important than Ever

Report: Cold and Flu Prevention More Important than Ever

When employees become ill, companies lose. They take hits to productivity and efficiency, which can quickly become costly. It’s only natural for businesses to want to keep their workers as safe and healthy as possible.

Why Keeping Clean is Crucial

An unclean work environment makes the perfect breeding ground for illnesses. Plus, the close contact and continued exposure means viruses like the cold and flu spread very easily. As sickness rates rise this year, it’s important to take precautions to prevent the spread of germs and help keep your employees ready to go with flu prevention.

Image One Can Help with Flu Prevention

Spraying disinfectant and passing out hand sanitizer isn’t enough to keep sickness at bay. At Image One, we can help promote sanitation because we know exactly what we’re doing. All of our employees are experienced and continuously trained to stay on top of new techniques, equipment, and cleaners.

We also tackle all the problem areas – even ones you might not think about, like doorknobs and air vents. We also have tips for helping your employees stay on top of their own sanitation. During flu season, we always recommend companies encourage cleaning of:

  • Cell phones, especially, are used heavily in today’s age. Unfortunately, people forget to clean them and they accumulate germs rather quickly. Headsets and corded models should be wiped down too on a daily basis.
  • Like phones, these devices see a lot of use and minimal cleaning. We recommend employees take extra care to disinfect during the flu season.
  • Footwear can track germs from place to place. It’s a good idea to keep them clean, too.

Don’t leave the cleanliness of your company to just anyone. Trust the experts at Image One.  Call 630.616.1010 to schedule a free consultation today and see how affordable keeping clean can be!