How to Get Rid of Coffee-Related Messes and Stains in the Office

How to Get Rid of Coffee-Related Messes and Stains in the Office

Coffee is a staple in any business. Unfortunately, 50-plus cups of Joe around the office are bound to leave behind unsightly and unsanitary coffee rings, carpet stains, and ruined upholstery. Coffee stains are almost as common as cups of coffee, so it’s vital for business owners to connect with a cleaning service that can handle these common office mishaps.

Constantly Removing Stains

Hiring a professional cleaning service to handle serious coffee stains can save a great deal of stress and money. Instead of replacing stained furniture, a reliable cleaning company will be able to remove coffee stains so everything looks new again. Many businesses typically keep a few cleaning supplies on hand to spot-clean occasional messes and the usual dust and dirt accumulation, but few have the right supplies for removing coffee stains. A professional cleaner will be able to quickly and effectively handle the problem.

Coffee spills also leave work spaces open to bacteria, and simply wiping them up with a paper towel won’t remove this potential health risk. For small spills, soak up as much coffee as possible before it has a chance to affect the lower parts of the carpet and underlying surfaces. Warm water and all-purpose cleaner will help get the remaining coffee out and prevent staining.

Bacteria Will Spread

It’s also important to regularly clean the office coffee makers. These machines typically see much more use than the coffee makers most people have at home, so regular cleaning is essential to prevent residue buildup and harmful bacteria growth. All natural, green cleaning agents are great for coffee makers to prevent health risks from traditional, chemical-based cleaners.

Run warm water through the coffee machine (without any coffee or filter) to dislodge any accumulated residue. Then, wash all the removable parts with soapy water and allow them to air-dry. Some dishwashers may be used for this, as well. Finally, try to run a 1:1 mix of vinegar and water through the coffee maker once a month. Let it run halfway, then stop the cycle and let it sit. After an hour, start the cycle and let it finish, and run two pots of clean water through the coffee maker to rinse out the vinegar.

If coffee spills and stains are a regular problem in your workplace, a professional cleaning service can provide top-to-bottom office cleaning, including your coffee problems.