Best Green Cleaning Products for Your Commercial Building

Best Green Cleaning Products for Your Commercial Building

Many people don’t associate commercial cleaning with green, organic products, but more companies are making the switch to green cleaning products for health and safety reasons. Going green also helps a brand’s reputation as an environmentally conscious company. The trendy solution is green commercial cleaning products.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

Traditional cleaning supplies are notorious for lingering chemical smells, abrasiveness, and the potential to harm users in some ways. Typical cleaning supplies also are damaging to the environment. Aerosol sprays damage the ozone layer and diminish the air quality in the area, and many cleaning supplies leave residue on surfaces that can potentially harm people by causing health problems, such as eye, skin, and lung irritation.

Green cleaning supplies are not only effective at eliminating grime and odors, but do so without causing damage to the environment or people in the area. Green cleaning materials are generally safe to use on a wide range of materials and surfaces, making them ideal for many office environments. These substances are much safer than traditional chemical-based cleaning supplies and leave employees in green-cleaned offices far less susceptible to adverse health risks.

Best Green Cleaning Products

Any business will benefit from investing in green cleaning services. Most green cleaning supplies are safe for office environments, food preparation areas, and are nonabrasive and nonflammable. Simple Green is a common all-purpose cleaner suitable for a variety of uses, and most green cleaning products are exempt from the usual EPA and OSHA regulations for hazardous material protection. This could potentially save your company even more money while providing a more effective cleaning solution.

Image One proudly offers green cleaning supplies to our franchise owners. Some companies may prefer other methods, but we believe it’s important to offer our customers the choice to pursue green cleaning for their properties. Green cleaning protects the environment, creates healthier workplaces for employees, and cultivates a reputation for environmental responsibility.