Top Winter Office Cleaning Tips To Begin Your 2018 Year

Office cleaning tipsTemperatures will continue to dip below freezing for a few more months, and cold and flu season is already in full swing. When the days are short and often gray, it’s hard to find the energy for keeping the office clean.

However, a cluttered, dirty space causes illness to increase and productivity to fall. Here are tips for keeping your office clean during the coldest months of the year.

Clean Your Parking Lot

If fall leaves were left to linger in corners, they’ll blow in the door every time it opens. If the mud that washed in with the last heavy rain pooled near the entrance, you’ll soon find it ground into your carpets. Make sure the service that regularly cares for your landscaping also spends time removing soil from the spaces customers and employees park.

Wash Your Windows

As condensation builds up from warm interiors and icy outdoor spaces, dust in the air collects on panes and woodwork. Before long a film blocks sunlight and clouds the view. Many businesses put off cleaning windows until after spring rains have passed, but a sunny office and sparkling glass supplies a mental boost to everyone inside.

Disinfect Regularly

Most employers have experienced a period where it seemed as though everyone was sick for months. One germ after another swept through the facility and impacted productivity and morale. It’s hard to focus on work when the person next to you is constantly coughing or goes home with a fever. Keep colds, viruses and the flu from spreading with regular disinfection. Disinfection boosts attendance and productivity and provides a positive working environment.

Hire Professionals

Energize even the dreariest days by providing employees with a facility that is always spotless. Invest in your staff and your business when you trust Image One USA for a flawless deep clean every time.