Establish These 4 Office Rules for a Clutter-Free Environment

Office cleaning servicesSome people are naturally tidy. They put staplers back where they belong and dispose of trash in the appropriate receptacles. Others are not so considerate. An untidy colleague can create stress in the workplace and lead to passive-aggressive working relationships. To avoid office tension, set some ground rules for all employees. Post rules in a central location and include them as part of new employee orientation.

Everyone Pitches In

Office cleanliness affects productivity and shows professionalism. Sometimes the people who keep their spaces clean are also the ones maintaining common areas. Let employees know everyone is equally responsible for keeping their workspaces and other areas clutter and germ free.

Clean Desk Policy

Make it a rule that employees clear their desks before they leave at the end of the day. Dirt and germs build up at workstations, and one employee’s virus can get transferred to other surfaces. Cleaning staff often comes in at night, but it’s difficult for them to clean effectively when project materials and personal items cover a space.

A clean desk policy doesn’t just make cleaning easier, it’s a sound business decision. Putting away sensitive documents helps prevent a security or compliance breach, and returning to a clean space makes each day a fresh start.

Food and Drinks

Be specific about what types of meals employees can eat at their desks and in common areas. It seems self-explanatory that it’s inconsiderate to heat a smelly meal or spread sauce from a rack of ribs all over the breakroom, but being explicit holds everyone to the same standards.

If employees are accountable for routine tasks like wiping out the microwave or disinfecting the sink, make a schedule and rotate who is responsible so everyone has a chance to help. Develop a plan for regularly removing leftover food from a shared refrigerator and disposing of discarded cups.

Common Areas

Storage rooms, hallways, bathrooms, and meeting areas get messy when everyone uses them, but no one keeps them clean. Spend time clarifying expectations and offer rewards for employees or groups that regularly contribute.

Make a rule against storing personal items in shared spaces. When several employees leave cosmetics in bathroom cabinets or store outdated materials in the storage closet, that area is less available for business needs.

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