3 Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaningVacuuming may remove dust and debris from your office carpet, but it will not eliminate all the contaminants that seep into the fibers over time. Routine office carpet shampooing can reduce the allergens in your office for better air quality and a cleaner space. Find out why deep-cleaning is so beneficial to your business.

Cleaning Removes More Than Just Dirt

Loose soil is typically removed by regularly vacuuming your office, but that’s not all that penetrates carpet fibers. Here are some of the substances commonly found embedded in carpets and fabrics.

  • Dust – Tiny particles can get through your vacuum bag and penetrate lungs to irritate allergies and asthma.
  • Fungi – Mold, mildew, and yeast grow anywhere there’s moisture and organic matter to consume.
  • Volatile organic compounds – Fibers, adhesive and backing often contain biological toxins and chemicals.
  • Cockroach and dust mite droppings – You may not see these creatures during the daytime, but they leave behind droppings wherever they go.
  • Bacteria – These single-celled organisms replicate quickly and cause disease.

Deep cleaning is often the only way to ensure harmful substances are removed. Remove trapped pollutants, kill dust mites, and prevent mold growth to protect your employees’ health.

Cleaning Eliminates Stains

Sometimes employees don’t even notice when they create a coffee splatter or ink stain. Over time, stains start to make your business look poorly maintained. Hallways and common areas receive so much traffic the carpet starts to look flat and discolored where people walk. Breakrooms and conference areas start to show food spills that look unprofessional.

Professional cleaning eliminates stains and makes your carpet look fresh and new again. Employees are more likely to be careful with their food and drinks to preserve an environment that feels pristine.

Cleaning Makes Carpets Last Longer

Deeply embedded debris and particles with sharp edges constantly wear at your carpet fibers. Organic material can cause backing to dissolve, so fibers start to work loose. Regular cleaning removes harmful debris to make your carpet last longer.

Image One USA prioritizes preserving your facility’s value and your staff’s health. Let us take care of the dirty work, so you can focus on your business when you contact us today.