Five Tips to Keep Your Office Clean and Maintain a Germ-Free Environment

Five Tips to Keep Your Office Clean and Maintain a Germ-Free Environment

Let’s face it; some employees don’t have the best sanitation habits, especially when it comes to maintaining a germ-free environment. Encouraging clean office behaviors is important for the cleanliness and aroma of your office. Some employees may treat an office cubicle trashcan as a universal trash receptacle. That means leftover food or other smelly items can be left in the trash overnight. Here are some rules of etiquette to employ in your office today.

  1. Empty Your Trash Every Day

Depending on the cleaning services your office provides, employee cubicle trashcans might not make the cut. The number one rule of trash etiquette should be for employees to empty their personal trash into a larger receptacle at the end of the day. This ensures the removal of all trash in a timely manner and makes it easier to maintain your germ-free environment.

  1. No Food in the Cubicle Bin

Some employees may prefer to eat lunch in the cubicle instead of the break room. If your office allows this, you should encourage employees to throw any leftover food away in the break room trashcan. This trash can should be marked as the only one in the office where it’s okay to throw out any leftover food or other perishable items.

  1. Communal Receptacles

People tend to be more responsive to change if they share a common goal. Making cleanliness a team effort can positively impact your employees’ willingness to change old habits. If possible, add a few more communal receptacles throughout the office so employees always have a dedicated place to dispose of trash. This shared responsibility will help your new rules feel less personalized and more team-positive.

  1. No Liquids in the Trash

Trash bags break and cause a huge mess if liquids are thrown into the bag. Encourage your employees to dump out any bottles, cups, or containers into a sink before throwing away the container.

  1. Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Consider hiring a professional cleaning service if your office does not already have one. If you are noticing more issues with leftover trash or general cleanliness, it may be time to have a professional step in. Large or busy offices can benefit greatly from a nightly trash removal service.