How to Properly Clean Your Workstation Computer

How to Properly Clean Your Workstation Computer

If you’re like many Americans, you spend a significant amount of time touching your computer – especially the keyboard. It’s easy for germs and dirt to build up on your equipment, so you should clean your workstation on a regular basis. However, it’s important to do it the right way and use the appropriate cleaning agents, or you risk damaging the hardware. Here's how to properly clean a keyboard, computer and entire workstations.

Tips to Clean Workstations 

Unless you have a touch-screen computer, you probably don’t spend a lot of time actually touching your screen, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get dirty. Dust and smudges can build up faster than you may think. To properly clean your computer, you should use a soft microfiber cloth and specialized lens cleaner; spray the cleaner onto the cloth instead of onto the screen. Wipe gently along the center and all the corners. Make sure you clean the lip of the screen as well. It’s a good idea to clean your workstation to wipe it down once a week.

Follow these practices if you have touch-screen technology, but you may want to clean workstations a bit more often:

Keyboard Cleaning

The keyboard is the dirtiest part of your computer (aside from the mouse, if you have one). To make sure you're properly cleaning a keyboard, take a can of spray air and blow all the big debris out from between the keys. If possible, hold the keyboard or laptop upside down while blowing it to keep crumbs from being pushed deeper.

Apply a gentle disinfectant cleaner to a microfiber cloth. With the keyboard disconnected or turned off, wipe the keys firmly. Some keys, like the space bar, will see significantly more use than other keys do, so you might need to scrub them a bit harder. Give the same treatment to your mouse or trackpad, too, since you spend a lot of time touching them.

Properly Cleaning Your Desk

While you’re cleaning your computer, don’t forget to clean the rest of your desk, too! Wipe down all hard surfaces with disinfectant. If you can make this a weekly routine, it’ll be easier to keep up with it and keep your environment as healthy as possible.

Whether you have an office of 50 computers or just a few, at Image One, we’ll make sure you have clean workstations that are sanitary and presentable.

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