Small & Large Companies Needing Cleaning Services are Nationwide

Small & Large Companies Needing Cleaning Services are Nationwide

According to an IBIS World Market Research Report on Janitorial Services in the US, commercial cleaning is a $53 billion industry. Those who have not yet found the courage to start their own business, have very favorable market conditions to do it, and quite a few valuable opportunities available.

Growing Nationwide Demand for Commercial Cleaning Services

Throughout the past five years, the demand for janitorial services has seen a slow but steady increase, and several signs suggest that it will continue to grow. Office vacancies have been dropping, the number of ongoing nonresidential construction projects has been growing, and small and large businesses everywhere show a clear inclination towards outsourcing.

The benefits of hiring professional cleaning services are obvious for any business: no need to deal with employment formalities and personnel management hassle, no need to invest in cleaning equipment and supplies, prompt and quality services provided outside business hours, with minimum impact on the company’s activity, etc.

Current Janitorial Services Favor Start-Ups

You would say that starting a new business and seeing it grow is close to impossible in a competitive market, but not in this one. Start-ups in janitorial services have few barriers to cross:

  • If finding qualified labor is a real challenge for most businesses, reputable cleaning services require advanced training, discipline and commitment to client satisfaction.
  • The market share concentration is favorable. Cleaning is one of the few industries that are not dominated by a handful of major players.
  • Even better, its top players have embraced franchising, so start-ups can easily take advantage of their name, reputation and know-how in order to conquer their own place on the market.

Growing Demand for Cleaning Services

As you can see, now is the best time to start your own business, and investing in a franchise is the best strategy. You minimize initial costs, take advantage of an already established brand and reputation, obtain exclusivity for your target area and, depending on the chosen franchise, you get all the training and support you need to see your business grow and prosper.

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