Cleaning up the Office After Major Flood Damage

Cleaning up the Office After Major Flood Damage

One of the most damaging things that can happen to an office is major flood damage.

Flooding rain.

Broken pipes.

The office carpet may be ruined or stained, the walls bloated, and the furniture waterlogged – everything you’d find with flood damage. But what should a business owner do? Here are three steps business owners should take after minor or major water damage affects their office.

Make Sure the Building Is Safe

In the event of a serious flood, your building’s maintenance staff should first ensure the safety of the building before moving forward with any remediation. They should turn off the electricity to make sure no one gets shocked when they enter the building. They should remove all dangerous debris. Depending on the flood damage, you may need to contact the local authorities to see if it is okay to reenter the building.

Call Your Insurance Company

If your business has flood insurance, contact your adjuster immediately. Depending on when the adjuster can visit the office, you might want to take extensive photos documenting the damage. You may need to begin cleanup before the adjuster can arrive. These photos will serve as your proof of damage. If you need to clean out the building, keep all damaged items even if you took photos of them. You never know what the adjuster will need to see before your insurance compensates you for your loss.

Call a Service Professional

Depending on the severity of the flood, you will either need to replace your flooring or have all materials replaced. A professional cleaning service can tell you which action is necessary. They may be able to salvage your current carpet or furnishings.

Unfortunately, any damaged drywall cannot be saved, and will need to be replaced along with any damaged furniture. It is essential to call the right professional for the job. Hesitating on what to do after a flood will likely cause mold, odor, and decay.