Auto Scrubbers Provide Technological Solutions for Cleaning Small Spaces

Auto Scrubbers Provide Technological Solutions for Cleaning Small Spaces

If you have a small office that does not require too many workers, it may be a cost-saver for your cleaning company to utilize an auto scrubber. An auto scrubber is a two-in-one floor cleaning machine that integrates a vacuum cleaner and a scrubber.

They are technological solutions to the traditional use of mop and bucket to clean the floor.

The Efficiency of Auto Scrubbers in Cleaning

Auto scrubbers are consider more efficient in cleaning for the following reasons:


Unlike the mop and bucket that leave the floor wet, auto scrubbers leave the floors completely dry in a single round. Thus, they significantly reduce slip and fall accidents for both the cleaners and residents.

Time Saver

Auto scrubbers clean up to six times faster than a mop and bucket, because they are automated. One can either operate the machine by riding on it or by pushing it while walking. The equipment leaves the floor clean and dry in a single round. This saves on time that would be spent squeezing the mop and wiping repeatedly to dry up the floor.


Since an auto scrubber cleans faster, the increased productivity translates into decreased labor cost. Furthermore, the clean and dirty water don’t mix, so the overall detergent costs are significantly reduced. They also use less water than the other traditional cleaning methods.

No Contamination

The auto scrubber is designed so that there’s no direct contact between the clean and contaminated water. It has a dispensing tank that contains clean water and a collection tank for the contaminated water.

Auto scrubbers are better-preferred technological cleaning solutions for their superior performance and time-efficiency. A case study by Clean Link reveals that they’re as efficient in cleaning both small and spacious floors.

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